Egyptian youth activist and a Leadership trainer
Heba Assem is an Egyptian youth activist and a Leadership trainer. She is now a lecturer at several Arab and African online leadership schools and institutions. Heba also raises the awareness against terrorism polarization and gender discrimination within her training programmes.
She is working as a Steering Committee member at World Youth Forum, held annually in Egypt aiming at discussions and sharing thoughts about the recent issues of the world and ways of their solution. She believes that the way for a permanent and sustainable peace lies in a dialogue.
In October 2020, Heba launched her online initiative Guardians of AfroArab Leadership: a digital platform that aims to gather Arab and African Young Leaders in one place to enhance the value of integration between them.
FISU Education and Development Director
Lilia is Education and Development Director in FISU working with 174 Member Associations providing platform for development education to students and officials as well as to FISU events organisers, she was project leader for FISU Global Strategy 2027 development in 2016-2017. Holding Executive Master in Sport Organisation Management (MEMOS) and law degree, Lilia has been working in sports for the past 15 years. Before joining great FISU team 6 years ago as knowledge management manager, she was head of volunteers and knowledge management for Summer Universiade in Kazan in 2013 and also worked with future Olympic and Paralympic Games organisers at Sochi Games in 2014, was head of the FISU International Educational Centre.

FISU Senior Executive Committee Member and Steering Committee Member, Chair FISU Education Committee
Verena has been involved in international university sport for many years - she is currently a FISU Senior Executive Committee Member (since 2019) and Chair of the FISU Education Committee (since 2015).
In all her activities for university sport and FISU, Verena focuses on education and training of young leaders, dual careers of elite athletes, scholarships programmes and educational opportunities for FISU members and their staff and students.
To pass on her experience, Verena was and is also involved as a mentor in mentoring projects, including the Tandem project of the German University Sports Federation (adh). She is also currently mentoring two top athletes in the mentoring programme of the German Sports Aid Foundation.
Professionally, Verena works at the Institute for Sports Science at the University of Tübingen (Germany). Here she teaches and researches mainly on topics in the context of media and communication in sport.
Director of the institutional relations of FeDUA, University Sports Federation of Argentina
Currently Director of the institutional relations of FeDUA , Tatiana Alonso works with member institutions to increase their engagement and participation to deliver university sport opportunities for university students in the country. Tatiana's experience extends to schools, member services, management, volunteer management and leadership. She is the director of FeDUA's Volunteer Leaders Academy since 2017. She is a CIC member 2020-2023.
Her relation with volunteering was born with the federation, since her beginnings were as a volunteer in one of the events and then she became part of the staff, which is why this topic seems interesting and nice to share, the overcoming day by day.
FISU Championships & World Cups Manager
FISU Championships & World Cups Manager, Julien Carrel is a former Swiss volleyball national team player. Julien competed in 3 Universiades (2011 Shenzhen, 2013 Kazan, 2015 Gwangju) and 2 European University Games (2012 Cordoba & 2014 Rotterdam), Swiss Champion and several time Swiss University Champion.
He graduated from the University of Lausanne with a Master's degree in Sport Management and since then working in the department of the World University Championships and University World Cups for FISU, Julien has had the chance to take part in some of the major evolutions and project development of the department such as the creation of World University Leagues, now called University World Cups and the creation of cluster events such as Combat Sports & Mind Sports.
FVLA 2021 Team Leader, FISU Student Ambassador 2020
Michal is currently finishing his bachelor's degree at Comenius University in Bratislava, where he studies European Studies. During his student years, he has been focusing on the field of Sports Diplomacy. For the last 4 years, he has been involved as a volunteer at some major sports events such as the European Games 2019, UCI 2020, EUG 2018, or recently the 2021 IIHF Olympic Men´s Final Qualification. Michal also participated in the IOC Young Leaders Six-week Learning Sprint 2020, or in the Lillehammer Young Leaders Programme 2021, hosted by the Lillehammer Olympic Legacy Sports Centre. Furthermore, he was one of the moderators of the June session of FVLA 2021.
Institutional Secretary for CUSI, University Sport Federation of Italy
Currently Institutional Secretary for CUSI, Italian University Sport Federation, Filippo Corti works as a presidential secretary responsible for institutional and international relations of the federation with all the territorial members and political stakeholders. He also manages relations with universities and he is responsible for communication and educational programme in Italian University Sport Environment. Learning to become Secretary General Filippo's history is connected with CUSI by his incredible experiences at the Universiades: as a football player, as a captain, as a gold medalist and finally as an official representative. His experience extends to management, education, dual career, sport events and leadership.
Сurrently works with TEAM Marketing, UEFA's exclusive agency for Club Competitions, collaborating with sponsors & partners to activate their marketing rights globally
Kristian is a former student-athlete now working in international events, sponsorship, and marketing. He currently works with TEAM Marketing, UEFA's exclusive agency for Club Competitions, collaborating with sponsors & partners to activate their marketing rights globally. Prior to his current role, he was a member of the Organizing Committee of the 2019 FISU Summer Universiade in Napoli as Manager, ITO/NTO Services. He has also worked on major international events such as the Toronto 2017 North American Indigenous Games, as well as numerous music & cultural festivals and National Championships. He holds a Bachelor degree in Sport Management from the University of New Brunswick (Canada) and a Masters of Advanced Studies in Sport Administration & Technology from the AISTS in Lausanne, Switzerland.
Director of Volunteerism, Member of events planning committee and Social Media manager of TSATT, University Sports Federation of Trinidad and Tobago
Timothy Derry holds an Executive Master's Degree in Sports Management and currently works as a Physical Education teacher. He is also the Tertiary Sports Association of Trinidad and Tobago's (TSATT's) Director of Volunteerism and a member of their events planning committee. He also assists with the management of TSATT's social media platforms. Timothy placed first at the inaugural FVLA in 2017 and has been a part of every FVLA since, both as a team leader and mentor to new participants. He has been an active volunteer with his NUSF and internationally. Some of the events in which he was involved include the 2010 FIFA U-17 Women's World Cup, the 2016 Junior Pan American Track Cycling Championships, 2017 FISU Summer Universiade and the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Timothy is also a football Referee in Trinidad and Tobago at the professional level and has aspirations of becoming a FIFA referee in the near future with hopes of making it to a World Cup.
FISU Acting President
- FISU 1st Vice President (since 2015), FISU Vice President (2011-15), FISU Assessor (2003-11)
- FISU Chairman of the Summer Universiade Supervision Committee
- FISU Head of Protocol
- EUSA Vice president (2012-15), EUSA EC Member and Treasurer (2005-12)
- Initiator of the Winter Universiade 2021 Lucerne-Central Switzerland
- Member of the Organizing Committee of the World University Championships Orienteering (1994),
Golf (1996 and 2014), Equestrian (2000), Triathlon (2006 and 2016), Floorball (2006), Chess
2010), Cross Country (2018); Bidding Committee WUC Orienteering 2022
- Member of the Organizing Committee of the European Universities Championship Tennis (2011)
and Golf (2015)
- Member of the Board of the Swiss University Sports Federation (since 1983), Managing Director
(since 1998)
- President of the Swiss University Sports Foundation (since 2018); Member since 2000

Head of Volunteer Programmes in Hungary
Currently finishing her contract after UEFA EURO 2020, Anett is starting a freelancing career in event management, project management and writing at the field of professional and grassroots sports.
She used to work in Hungary as Head of Volunteer Programmes in football at several UEFA events and national team matches. She and her team managed to successfully organise the volunteer programme with 1000 volunteers during the pandemic with full house capacity. All of this from the scratch, as before the Hungarian Football Federation hasn't managed any complex volunteer programmes yet.
Beside volunteering, Anett is involved in topics with gender equality and sport for development. She is a committee member of the Hungarian Olympic Committee Women and Sport Commission and also of ENGSO Youth (European Non-governmental Sport Organisations).
FISU Championships & World Cups Sport Coordinator
Currently working as a FISU Championships & World Cups Sport Coordinator, Alejandro has an experience of a basketball player during his student years in the University of Malaga at the same time completing his major in Physical Education Teaching.
Then, after graduating in Sport Sciences at the University of Granada, and while completing his Master's Degree in Sport Management at the same institution, Alejandro was given the chance to join the LOC of the University of Malaga Sports Service, firstly, as an intern, managing the volunteer programme in the 2011 European University Beach Volleyball Championship and, after that, occupying the role of Event Manager for 2 more European University Championships and 2 World University Championships.
Afterwards he was given the position of General Manager of the University Sports Club holding, among other responsibilities, the maximum operative responsibility of the futsal team competing in the Spanish 1st League.
Alejandro joined FISU in 2018.
Founder and CEO of "HUGLPROJECTS KG" event and project management company
Christoph Hugl, 25 years old has a wealth of experience in sports and events management. In his young years, he gained experiences from working for several major events, mostly related to cycling, running and open-air music concerts in the field of technical operations.
Christoph has his own sport- and event management company and supports major events all around the globe. He studied sport-, culture- and events management and finished with a bachelor's degree. Currently he is in his entrepreneurship and applied management master's degree. In 2017 he participated in the first FISU Volunteer Leaders Academy in Kazan and in 2019 he oversaw the marketing and communication activities for Team Austria during the FISU Winter Universiade in Krasnoyarsk.
FISU Development & NUSF Relations Manager
Currently a FISU Development & NUSF Relations Manager, Tarmo has a recreation and Sports Management degree of Tallinn University. After university studies, he got involved with University Sport at the Estonian Academic Sports Federation as a Development Manager and later as a Secretary General. He was a member of FISU International Control Committee for 7 years. In 2016 Tarmo was elected as a board member of CUSF (EUSA) until he joined FISU as a staff member in 2018. Over the years he has been involved with number of international and national events, such as World University Championships, SELL Student Games 2010, 2014, Estonian Students Summer & Winter Games and in multiple educational and cultural events, such as International Day of University Sport which he has stayed in a close "relations" until now.
Head of the Sports and Recreation Department, Makerere University
Peninnah Aligawesa Kabenge is the Head of the Sports and Recreation Department, Makerere University. She is currently the Vice President of Federation of International University Sports (FISU), the Secretary General - Federation of Africa University Sports (FASU), 2nd Vice President of the Association of African Sports Confederation and President of Uganda university Sports.
She also served on several sports committees at national and international levels such as the Secretary General of the Uganda Olympic Committee; President of International Rollball Federation, Vice President International Woodball Federation, Board member National Sports Council among others
An IOC winner of the Africa trophy for promotion of Women and sports in 2012 actively participated and represented Uganda in Basketball, Athletics etc. both as an athlete and an official. She is also the 1st recipient of the Federation of Uganda Basketball Lifetime Achievement Award in 2020.

Media and Communications Coordinator at Unisport Austria
After having finished her bachelor studies in the field of "Sports-, Culture- and Event management", Julia Kainrath is planning on further taking her theoretical knowledge of global sports to the practical world. In addition to pursuing a master's degree in "Urban Tourism & Visitor Economy Management" in Vienna, she is working as a Marketing Manager and extending her interest for sustainable development in this position. Together with the NUSF of her home country, Unisport Austria, she continues to work on Event- and Media-related projects and is running for the position as Student Executive Committee Member to the EUSA General Assembly.
Julia is dedicating her life to make the world a better place and highlight the importance of movement and sports in every given situation.
Member of the FISU student committee
Kyung Eun is a current member of the FISU student committee. She has participated in various events and programs of FISU since the 2019 FVLA both as an ambassador and committee member. These experiences have allowed her to work effectively in the collaboration with the 2027 Chungcheong WUG bid committee.
In addition, she was selected as the best presenter at the Olympic Academy hosted by the Korean Sport & Olympic Committee (KSOC) and has even had the opportunity to participate in the 2020 International Olympic Academy.
Ms. Lee has completed her master's degree in sociology of sport and is currently pursuing a doctor's degree in lifetime sports and leisure behavior. She is also a university lecturer in her major.

FISU Education and Development Assistant
Olivia is currently Education and Development Assistant in charge of the coordination of the FVLA and FISU Student Ambassadors programme from FISU side. After completing the Master's Degree Programme "Olympic Studies, Olympic Education, Organisation and Management of Olympic Events" at the International Olympic Academy in Olympia (GRE), she was working in various major sports events (Olympic and Paralympic Games, Football Euro Cups, World Cups, etc.) for several years. Olivia was also head of a Rhythmic Gymnastics club in France for more than 10 years and used to compete at National Level for nearly 20 years.
Recruitment Assistant at Endava (international tech company)
Elena Mekushina is a 2020 - 2021 FISU Student Ambassador for the UK. Elena holds a Bachelor's degree in International Relations from University of Leeds and has valuable experience working with international and local NGOs. Since 2018, Elena has participated in various educational programmes and sport forums. Also, Elena has been a volunteer during the 2018 FIS Snowboard World Cup and engaged with the press activities and event management.
Member of the FISU Student Committee, Board Member of adh, University Sports Federation of Germany
Meet Joshua Miethke, who is a graduate student in economics at the University of Potsdam. Since March 2020 he is a member of FISU Student Committee. Starting his studies at Germany's former capital Bonn, he came into university sport as Head of Sports Department of the respective Student Union. Furthermore he represented the students in several committees on regional and national levels ending as a speaker for students of North Rhine-Westphalia in the advisory committee of adh. As a result of his work in adh projects he was appointed as German delegate for the FVLA 2018 and came back in 2019. Following his work and engagement in the FISU Student Ambassadors Programme afterwards, his federation put him forward for the FISU Student Committee. In his work on national and international levels he focuses on student participation, good governance and improvement of major sport events.
Volunteer Programme Coordinator and Event Manager
Currently Brunel Muba is working as a Quality and Operations Manager for an Airline company. He also works as a volunteer programme coordinator freelancer or event manager in different international events such Volvo Ocean Race Lisbon Stop Over, Eurovision 2018, Brussels Summer Festival, etc.
Brunel Muba still regularly volunteers for different international events such 2017 FIFA Confederation Cup, WorldSkills 2019, UEFA EURO 2016. He actually has been working and volunteering for more than 100 events worldwide.
Head of the Volunteer Programme Department of the Volleyball World Championship Russia 2022 Organising Committee
Tatiana is intuitive, resourceful, skillful Sport Management Consultant, possessing a significant background in organising volunteers for major sport events such as Kazan 2013 Universiade, Sochi 2014 Olympic Games and FIFA World Cup Russia 2018. Currently Tatiana is performing the duties of the Head of the volunteer programme department Volleyball World Championship Russia 2022 Organising Committee. Her wide experience in international volunteering in London 2012, Innsbruck 2012, Rio 2016, Lillehammer 2016 and number of the Summer and Winter Universiades helped her to understand different volunteering cultures and create effective programmes. In her academic background is Executive Master's degree in Sport Management MEMOS (Executive Master in Sport Organizations Management) - co-organized by the International Olympic Committee and Olympic Solidarity.
Students Coordinator at SLUSA, University Sports Federation of Sri Lanka
Ranoj Norbert is currently a final year undergraduate following BSc. in Physical Science at University of Ruhuna. Ranoj assists the Sri Lanka Universities Sports Association (SLUSA) with Student Coordination and as a Social Media Handler for the NUSF. He represented Sri Lanka at the 2020 FISU Volunteer Leaders Academy and he is now a Team Leader of the 2021 FVLA.
He is an active volunteer who has taken part in number of major events organized in Sri Lanka. He led the ceremonial committee volunteer team of Sri Lanka University Games 2019. He was also one of the co-student organizers of the Sri Lanka's first-ever IDUS celebration in 2020.
President of the Argentinian NUSF
Emiliano Ojea is the President of the Argentinian NUSF (Federación del Deporte Universitario Argentino- FeDUA). He used to be FISU America 's Treasurer 2016-2020 and now he is performing the duties of the Chair of the FISU Student Committee 2019-2023 and a part of the executive committee of FISU.
Emiliano is a Physical Education Teacher and he is finishing Sports Management Consultant. He is also the father of 3 kids and has recently written a book.

Project coordinator of FVLA and FISU Student Ambassadors programme, FISU Auditor in the team of Healthy Campus programme
Albina worked on the strategic direction and development of FVLA since its inception in 2017. She started volunteering in 2008 and was awarded a Volunteer of the Year status in 2010 in Kazan. She was the Head of Communications and Database at the Volunteer Department during the Universiade 2013. She pioneered and implemented a course and a book "English 4U" aimed at teaching volunteers from 20 cities of Russia. She has an extensive volunteering experience at the World University Games in Belgrade 2009, Erzurum 2011, Youth Olympic Games 2010, Innsbruck 2012, London Olympics 2012, EuroSkills 2016, WorldSkills 2017, FIFA World Cup 2018 and countless events in Kazan. Now she is the Project coordinator of both FVLA and FISU Student Ambassadors programme and also the FISU Auditor in the team of Healthy Campus programme.
Secretary General for FISU Oceania
Currently Secretary General for FISU Oceania, Donna Spethman works with member federations to increase their engagement and capacity to deliver university sport opportunities for university students in the region. She also works for UniSport Australia as their General Manager for Governance & Member Services. Donna's experience extends to governance, member services, risk management, volunteer management and leadership. She is a current member of the FISU Education Committee and was part of the 2020 FISU World Forum.
Donna still regularly volunteers, specifically as a mentor to university students as part of the Griffith University and Southern Cross University mentor programmes. In addition, she is a mentor to community not for profit associations as part of the Gold Coast Volunteering mentor programme.
FVLA 2021 Team Leader, Member of the Minsk State Linguistic University Volunteer Centre
Holder of a Master's Degree in Intercultural Communication, Darya Tryhubava is a participant of the of the 2017 and 2020 editions of FVLA. For her active participation and interest shown during the Academy Darya was selected among the top 10 participants of the Academy in 2017. After the FVLA Darya was honing her skills as a Speaker of the 2019 FISU World Conference.
Darya's sport volunteer portfolio contains 25 international tournaments, which significantly contributed to her professional growth and determined her further interest in mastering international relations. Darya's main sport-related spheres of interest are volunteer management and mega sport events legacy. She has practical knowledge of sport volunteer selection, training and mentoring. Darya is especially passionate about the ice hockey. FVLA 2021 Team Leader.
Communication & Media Manager at FVLA and FISU Student Ambassadors Programme
Timur Tufetulov is the FVLA and FISU Student Ambassadors Programme's Communication & Media Manager; holding the position since the first stage of FISU Volunteer Leaders Academy in 2017.
Timur holds a Master's degree in International Relations and has an extensive experience working with the foreign delegations and top world athletes. Since 2013, Timur has participated in more than 45 Russian, European and International events, including Winter and Summer World University Games, World Diving Cups, 2015 FINA World Aquatic Championships, 2018 FIFA World Cup, WorldSkills 2019.
In 2017, he was awarded the title of the Volunteer of the Year in the Republic of Tatarstan and he was honored to represent Kazan's volunteering movement at FIFA's meeting of high-level officials in 2018.
FISU Healthy Campus and Universities Relations Assistant
Amandine is currently a Healthy Campus and Universities Relations Assistant at FISU. She is working with the universities to support them in the process of the Healthy Campus programme. She also works in the development and improvement of the Healthy Campus Standard, which is evolving depending on the context and needs.
Moreover, Amandine has been actively volunteering in a volleyball club as Communication Coordinator for 8 years. She has 3 years of experience in Sustainable Health Management System and has a Master's degree in Sport and Leisure Management.
Senior Teacher at EF Education First
Sarah Witowski is Senior Teacher at EF Education First in Moscow, where she has been working since 2012. In 2018, she led a project to train 100 of the top teachers from Tyumen Oblast. Sarah also gives lectures and leads workshops to help students and professionals improve their business and communication skills. She was a speaker at the first annual FISU Volunteer Leaders Academy in 2017, where she spoke about effective networking and negotiating, and took part earlier that year in training FIFA volunteers ahead of the Confederations Cup held in Russia. Sarah was also responsible for organizing the English educational program for the 2019 Mashuk Youth Forum in Pyatigorsk, and the English curriculum for the 2019 and 2020 Talanty Arktiki.Deti camps for children from underrepresented tribes in the Russian Federation.
In addition to this, Sarah trains business leaders and directors of Corporate University programs at multinational companies to help them reach their linguistic and strategic goals by combining experience and practice with the latest tools in language education.
Project Administrator at FVLA and FISU Student Ambassadors Programme
Renata Zinnatullina is the FVLA and FISU Student Ambassadors Programme's Project Administrator, who is responsible for the communication with the alumni.
She is alumni of the Russian International Olympic University. Her research paper is dedicated to FISU rebranding. In 2020 she graduated Double Degree Master Programme of General and Strategic Management in Giessen (Germany) and Kazan (Russia).
Renata is a volunteer and organiser of more that 70 major events worldwide, such as 2013 Summer University Games, 2014 Winter Olympic Games, 2015 FINA World Championship, 2018 FIFA World Cup, 2019 Winter University Games and other major events.
She worked as an interpreter in "Zenit Kazan" volleyball club and was the volleyball line umpire in 2017 European University Games, in Coimbra, Portugal. In 2015 was awarded the Volunteer of the Year of Kazan Volunteers.
Member of the FISU Student Committee
Oyunbileg Zorigoo, who holds a bachelor's degree in business administration from Myongji University. Since March 2020 she is a member of the FISU Student Committee. She is an alumni of the FVLA in 2019 and participated as a team leader in 2020. She is a taekwondo player who has participated in Asian games, Gwangju , Taipei Universiades and WUC. She also has a lot of volunteer experience and worked as a volunteer at WUCs and other sports events which are held in Mongolia. She is an International Referee of the World Taekwondo Federation. Currently she works in Mongolian Taekwondo Federation.