Welcome to the future of university sport!
As part of its mission to be the leader of the global university sports movement, the International University Sports Federation (FISU) has created two separate but interconnected programmes to support the development of emerging leaders and university sport across the world.
FISU Volunteer Leaders Academy
The FISU Volunteer Leaders Academy (FVLA) is a unique educational event designed to give emerging leaders a variety of lectures and seminars about international university sport and how to manage volunteer programmes and then apply them in their national (NUSF) or continental (CUSF) university sport federations.
FISU Student Ambassadors Programme
Following taking part in the Academy, delegates are appointed as FISU Student Ambassadors and are tasked with creating individual action plans, to plan and deliver relevant and specific activity together with their NUSF or CUSF to support the development of university sport in their home country or continent.
FISU Student Ambassadors Programme
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