Joaquín Mones Pritsch
University: Universidad Católica del Uruguay
Ambassador year: 2017
2008-2013 - BA degree in touristic management
2007-2013 - Rower - Montevideo Rowing Club - Uruguayan Rowing Team
2011 International Olympic Academy Session for Young Participants
2014 and 2017 Volunteer leader for international regattas held in Uruguay
2014-2016 Club Captain (Montevideo Rowing Club)
Rio 2016 and Buenos Aires 2018 - Information Desk Team Member (Rowing Venue - Volunteer)
2017 - FVLA - among the top 10 participants (2018 Cambridge)
2017-2019 - Volunteer comission in the NUSF
2014- today - Entrepreneur - Owner and Director of a Rowing School, over 100 monthly athletes.
2020 - Member of the Uruguayan Olympic Academy comission (in my NOC)
2021- Montevideo Coastal Rowing Circuit / Beach Sprints- Head of the Organising Committee
Current occupation: Director of the Punta Carretas Rowing School
Current position: Secretary General of a rowing club within the rowing federation
Email: joaquin@ururemo.com