Volha Malatsilva
University: Minsk State Linguistic University
Ambassador year: 2018, 2019
- Presented the Certificate for the outstanding contribution to the FISU Student Ambassadors Programme 2018-2019.
- As a National Olympic Committee (NOC) Assistant I ensured that NOC of Ireland was supported during the stay throughout the Minsk 2019 European Games. I acted as a main facilitator between the Minsk European Games Organising Committee and the NOCs.
- I won the 1st prize at the Republican Chess Championnship U20 (Girls) in May, 2018 and made it to TOP-50 in the World Juniour Chess Championship (Girls) in September, 2018.
Team attaché:
- accompanying Colombia basketball team during FIBA U17 WOMEN'S BASKETBALL WORLD CUP 2018
- consecutive interpretation from Russian into Spanish and English for Colombia basketball team.
- granted the title of Woman Candidate Master in chess in the Republic of Belarus by making it to TOP-3 in the Republican Chess Championship among women.
Current occupation: Work as a technical translator and interpreter in the international company and looking for a volunteering opportunity or a side job as a journalist / editor.
Current position: Team Leader of FVLA 2020